Design: Magnus Lundström

“Like beautiful music right before your eyes”, is how designer, Magnus Lundström, described his cutlery range, GUSTO. A cutlery to connect with the food and increase the taste experience at mealtimes. The cutlery takes its name, GUSTO, from the Spanish for taste. The lightly matt-brushed surface feels soft and making GUSTO feel comfortable in your hand. The cutlery is beautiful and its unique form gives it a natural feel.

The designer has given special consideration to the underside of the handle. Here, the user’s fingers and palm come into contact with the surface, changing position with use. The edge of the underside has therefore been given a soft form to create a pleasant feeling and a convex shape so that it lies soft in the hand. A narrow waist between the head and the handle allows GUSTO to rotate and give good precision between the thumb and index finger.

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