Flatland Germany

This is Muinster, Germany. I just arrived here at the 17pm of yesterday. The size of city is smaller than buzzy Berlin, but the city has all of cosmopolitan interests in the centre near the Hauft Bhan Hof of Muinster, the main station.

Here? I can use the Internet in this place, Stadt Bibliotek Muinster meant public library in German language. Anyway I should pay for the library to use allowed Internet machines, but I can use an illigal way to use this with free of charge!! Firstly I get a system for searching books, and just click a banner on the corner. Amazon Dot DE! is the gateway to use internet, because through the German Amazon I can easly connect to American Amazon. The American!! Amazon has a web search engine.

All German towns where I’d visited were mostly in the centre of wide grounds. Somedays I got a lot of dropped apples on the road when I had spent too much money for the breakfast.