29CM, 의도적인 불편함


사용성에서 불편함이라는 걸 요소로 본다면 그건 기능일까 스타일일까. 스타일에 대한 고수라면 그 이유는 뭘까.

목적하는 바가 뚜렷하지 않은데 의도적이라는 건 억지가 아닐까.

페이스북의 인스턴트아티클은 스타일만으로 시작했던 건 아니지만 이미 폐기된 것 아니었나.


Yoonho Choi

independent researcher in design, media, and locality @ Working as a technology evangelist in both design and media industries, he was one of the first generation web coder-designers in Korea while doing his BFA in 1990s, and recently led digital publishing projects in 2010s, mostly for the first time in the field. He also has been working as a professional interviewer-writer based on his academic background of design, crafts and their histories after he got MA degree from University of Brighton in 2008, and translated “Design: intelligence made visible(by Sir Terence Conran & Stephen Bayley)” into Korean.

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