! + impromptu: Sangyong Choi’s metalwork exhibition

Sangyong Choi
Sangyong Choi

! + impromptu

by Sangyong Choi

The term ‘impromptu’ is a form of classical music that consists of sudden musical inspiration of its composer. It is also known as a sort of ‘character piece’ which means ‘improvised performing’; however, the ‘impromptu’ does not always follow its ‘impromptu’ic form as performed based on a fixed score, rather than that ‘everything is sudden.’

Schubert’s <op.90,42> and Chopin’s <op.26,36,51,66> are typical.

(*translation: Yoonho Choi)

This ‘Metalman(as called by himself)’s solo show will take placed on 16 July till 29 in 2008, at the Topo House 2’s ground floor gallery in Insa-dong, Seoul. Its opening reception will be held at 6pm on the first day.


Yoonho Choi

independent researcher in design, media, and locality & working as a technology evangelist in both design and media industries

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