Sunday Roast

Yoonah(PhD Design History researcher at Brighton), Jonghoon(BA Architecture student), and I had sunday-roast at the BLA-BLA(?) restaurant just near the Brighton Backpackers on last Sunday. The Bla-Bla is nice, cosy place and it has lovely sunny windows as well as a set of electric-powered fans which looks like an exotic or oriental something. Anyway, it was quite nice. good.

I’ve found out what the Sunday-Roast is at the Wikipedia, which is brilliant when looking for something quickly.

The Sunday roast is a traditional British and Irish main meal served on Sundays (usually in the early afternoon), and consisting of roasted meat together with accompaniments. Other names for this meal are Sunday dinner, Sunday lunch, and Sunday joint. The tradition arose because the meat could be left in the oven to cook before church on a Sunday morning, and it would be ready when the family arrived home at lunchtime.

Sunday roasts are also common (though less so in recent times) in other Commonwealth countries such as Australia although there, roasts increasingly feature on the menus of cafes and restaurants catering to British backpackers.

?Sunday roast

Typical elements

Typical meats used for a Sunday roast are beef, pork, lamb or chicken, or more rarely duck, goose, gammon, turkey or game. Commonly, roasts are served with traditional accompaniments which vary according to the type of meat; these are:

roast beef ? served with Yorkshire pudding; and horseradish sauce or English mustard as relishes.
roast pork ? served with crackling and sage and onion stuffing; apple sauce and English mustard as relishes
roast lamb ? served with sage and onion stuffing and mint sauce as a relish
roast chicken ? served with pigs in blankets, chipolata sausages and stuffing, and bread sauce or cranberry sauce or redcurrant jelly

Sunday roasts are served with a range of boiled and roast vegetables. Boiled vegetables were commonly a part of almost all British main meals, but since the advent of more international cuisine this tradition has declined. The Sunday Roast is perhaps one of the last meals where this tradition survives.

The vegetables served vary seasonally and regionally, but almost invariably this will include roast potatoes, which have been roasted in the roast meat drippings, and also a gravy made from the meat juices. Other vegetable dishes served with roast dinner can include mashed swede, turnips, boiled cabbage, roast parsnips, sliced boiled carrots and peas.

She said that Sunday-roast is good enough to be called as a typical English meal, and she added “Someone says English food is just rubbish, but it’s absolutely untrue”. As she explained, there is a complicated time-balance in cooking typical English meals.

Anyway, I realised what the Gravy Source is, and the meal was familiar with my taste luckily^_^.


Yoonho Choi

independent researcher in design, media, and locality & working as a technology evangelist in both design and media industries

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  1. Hi Yoonho,

    I followed the link from your email. Nice site… looking professional. enjoyed great photos from your trips. by the way, the pub we had sunday lunch is called The Globe.
    c u soon.

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