Henry Cole, 1808-1882

Nationality: English
Date of Birth: 1808
Place of Birth: Bath
Date of Death: 18 April 1882
Place of Death: London

Sir Henry (‘King’) Cole was a civil servant, industrial designer and museum director. He was the son of Captain Henry Robert Cole (1780-1863) and Lætitia Dormer(1792-1867 or 1868). His third brother Charles was a schoolmate of Francis Seymour Haden, who became the Cole family doctor. On 28 December 1833 he married Marian Fairman, third daughter of William Andrew Bond of Ashford, Kent. Henry Cole, 1808-1882 더보기

Sunday Roast

Yoonah(PhD Design History researcher at Brighton), Jonghoon(BA Architecture student), and I had sunday-roast at the BLA-BLA(?) restaurant just near the Brighton Backpackers on last Sunday. The Bla-Bla is nice, cosy place and it has lovely sunny windows as well as a set of electric-powered fans which looks like an exotic or oriental something. Anyway, it was quite nice. good. Sunday Roast 더보기

Who is Evo Morales?


In April 2000, Aguas de Tanari, a large multinational corporation, was due to take over the privatised water works in Cochabamba. Water prices were to increase and laws were passed to make it illegal to catch and use rain water. Water would be out of the reach of the majority of residents, 65% of whom live below the poverty line. Mass demonstrations erupted, roads were blocked and running battles where fought with the police and the army until the government gave in. The sell-off was defeated. Who is Evo Morales? 더보기